Summer is almost here, and with that comes the sun, fun, and swimming. For those who are lucky enough to have a backyard pool, it can be a fantastic place to spend time with family and friends. However, as much fun as pools are, they can also be dangerous, especially for children and pets. Here at Premier Outside, we want to ensure that everyone stays safe while enjoying their pool. That is why we have put together a list of ways to keep kids and pets safe around your backyard pool.

Install a Pool Fence

Make sure that you install a fence around your pool. A fence can prevent children from accidentally falling into the pool and can keep pets out when you are not around. Additionally, make sure your fence is at least four feet tall and there are no gaps that a child or pet could squeeze through.

Cover Your Pool When Not In Use

Ensure that your pool has a sturdy and secure cover. When you are not using your pool, make sure it is covered to prevent anyone from falling in. You can invest in a pool cover that is designed to hold weight, which will prevent a person or pet from falling through if they accidentally step on it.

Safety Equipment

Make sure that you have appropriate pool safety equipment, such as life jackets and pool alarms. Life jackets are a great way to ensure that your children and pets stay afloat while they are swimming. Pool alarms are also a good idea, which will alert you if someone falls into the pool.


Make sure that you always have adult supervision when children and pets are around the pool. Children should not be left unattended near the pool, even for a second. If you need to leave the pool area, make sure that children and pets come with you. It is essential to educate your kids about pool safety so that they understand how to stay safe when they are around the pool.

Backyard pools can be a great source of fun for families, but they can also be dangerous. By following these tips from Premier Outside, you can make sure that everyone stays safe while enjoying their summer. If you’re looking for the perfect pool, explore our gallery!

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